Red Point Balinese Cat 2021 //

Red Points, the rarest Siamese and Balinese color have been my passion since I started breeding. It started with the pursuit of the perfect Tortie, who was Summer Skye, followed by the gift of my Red point male Titus from Permes Cats. The Red point Balinese is not only a rare color variation of the Balinese cat breed but its beautiful fawn, reddish color is one to admire. Red points are also referred to as "Flame" points in the cat breeding world, due to their tails resembling a fire. This terminology fits the Red point Balinese perfectly due to its long, feathered tail. blue-point; lilac-point. Alle anderen Farben gehören zur Rasse der Javanesen, einschließlich aller Tortie- und Tabby-Farbvarianten. Dies führt immer wieder zu Verwirrungen, weil in Europa früher die orientalische Langhaarkatze teilweise ebenfalls als Javanese bezeichnet wurde. Tabby-points werden zudem in der CFA als lynx-points bezeichnet. Balinese red-point body clear white with any shading in the same tone as points. Points: bright apricot to deep red, deeper shades preferred, with lack of barring desirable. The Red Point Siamese cat also known, more romantically, but not quite correctly, as the Flame Point Siamese and other related colors - Apricot, Cream and Tortie Points - were introduced into the breed in the UK in the 1930s.

I just got a notification requesting this pages website. I run this page by default because it's originator disappeared however I do breed Red point old style Siamese and am working towards re point Old Style Balinese and this is my website. Emyr is a red point Balinese whose come to us from Pippa Browning in the UK, back in June of 2017. He is cinnamon under the red, which makes him incredibly valuable to our breeding program, as all of his kittens are cinnamon carriers. Emyr is a big, loveable, lump of cat and we adore him. His personality is the perfect representation of what I. The Beautiful Balinese Cat. Balinese cats are essentially long-haired Siamese cats, and in fact were originally known as “long-haired Siamese.” These cats have been known since the 1920s, as occasional long-haired kittens were produced in a Siamese litter. They were not shown but only sold as household pets. MerryMews Cattery.

The Balinese is a long-haired breed of domestic cat with Siamese-style point coloration and sapphire-blue eyes. The Balinese is also known as the purebred long-haired Siamese, since it originated as a natural mutation of that breed and hence is essentially the same cat with a medium-length silky coat and a distinctively plumed tail. This page features Siamese and Balinese cat photographs that show what the cat’ color points look like as they grow into adult hood. Please note, these cats are NOT available for sale, their photo’s are used purely as informative and educational tools to help you visually understand what your kitten of a particular color point variety will. The Balinese comes in the same point colors as the Siamese: seal, chocolate, blue and lilac. The eyes are always a deep, vivid blue. The Traditional Cat Association recognizes a Balinese of a different type: one with a more rounded head and body. It also has a fluffier coat that is long over the entire body, unlike the show Balinese, whose coat.

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